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Celebrating Black Beauty & Excellence

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

As a part of our X Projects initiative, TribeX Museum co-sponsored the "Black Beauty" fashion show at AWTY International through the B.L.O.C (Black Leaders Orchestrating Change) Club.

The “Black Beauty" fashion show, was created by B.L.O.C to highlight the beauty, creativity and excellence of black culture. The event featured two collections, one with students wearing fashions representing their respective countries, and then, another runway pop up show with models featuring designs from AfroLuxTrap and Cristiansanna. The event presented an opportunity for models and designers to speak with the students on taking pride in black culture, and standing in power for your own value; especially in an environment where there is limited representation. The "Black Beauty" event was a source of inspiration with a mix of vibrant colors, authentic patterns, traditional and modern elements, displaying both elegance and creativity.

The designer pieces showcased during the event were made with African prints sourced directly from Togo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Benin. The designs and clothing were constructed by Amenta of AfroLuxTrap, while the jewelry and handbags were crafted by Shaun Phealls of Cristiansanaa. Additional support for this event was provided by TAUMETI Design Studio.

Established at Awty International School in 2018, B.L.O.C's mission is to unify the black student body at AWTY International school. B.L.O.C represents a community, a village;

an affinity group of people, who share a vibrant culture and similar life experiences due to the color of skin.

Caught on Camera

1.Alexis Delaine

2.Jasmine Tindal

3.Students of Awty

4.Stefania Scipio

5. & 6. Mia & Jhazmin Carter

7.Elizabeth Barnes& Jasmine Tindal

8. Students of AWTY

9. Coach Jackson, Tobi & Favour.

10. Jy'rah Grimes, Amenta & Mia.

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