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TribeX Gardens is a holistic farm garden grounded in regenerative practices and permaculture. Our goal is to rejuvenate our community by providing a space for experiencing, learning, and practicing sustainable agriculture, food cultivation, and natural building. Our mission is to promote healing in schools, communities, and among youth disproportionately impacted by pollution and environmental neglect. We achieve this by offering access to nature education and integrating practical solutions such as Agroforestry to address environmental and climate challenges. We are currently in Phase I of our build out and will open to the public in January 2026.


Imagine Learning. our goal is to redefine education through engaging site visits and hands-on workshops that delve into the wonders nature and living. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore our year round greenhouses, terraced vegetable gardens, and young orchards. Led by knowledgeable guides, they will experience working examples of earth friendly agriculture, food production cycling and renewable energy sources.

Our workshops are designed to inspire students of all ages. Participants  get hands-on experience planting, cultivating, and nurturing the land. From soil health to companion planting, our workshops cover a range of topics that empower students to become stewards of the earth.

Summer Camps at TribeX Gardens aimed at providing  youth an opportunity to engage with nature, art, agriculture, and livestock. Our 5 day sessions, are a combination of living education activities designed to promote personal growth, build confidence, and foster a deeper understanding of the environment.

We understand that interactive learning is essential for fostering genuine understanding and instilling a sense of environmental responsibility. Our mission is to provide educational experiences that empower people to enact positive change in their communities and beyond.

If you are yearning to reconnect with the earth, and learn the art of balanced integrated living. Ritual in the garden is a seven-day retreat made for you, plant lovers, nature explorers, gardeners, and wisdom seekers alike. Held three times annually, we invite you to deepen your connection with yourself and the earth through learning, planting and movement.

In this retreat, you will experience renewal gardening, gaining practical skills in soil health and companion planting, natural resources and cycles, you will also experience meditative crafting, sound yoga, moonlight dancing.

Ritual in the Garden is a sacred space for connection and re-centering. Surrounded by the lush greenery of our garden sanctuary, you'll be enveloped in the healing sights, sounds, and scents of nature that awaken the senses and speak to the soul.


Ritual in the Garden


Garden Stewards

Garden Stewards is an initiative that provides ongoing support for school and community gardens. Through this program, permaculture and gardening students are paired with these gardens to undertake projects that ensure the continuous growth and vitality of shared garden spaces.

In many cases, neighborhood gardens are essential for mitigating the environmental impacts of industry and are often the only growing spaces available in the community. However, these projects often operate on limited budgets and rely heavily on volunteer efforts from parents, teachers, and students. Unfortunately, the sustainability of these gardens can be compromised when they rely on the efforts of a single individual.

The Garden Stewards program was developed to address this challenge by providing a solution through partnerships with permaculture and gardening students. By offering hands-on experiences, these students can enhance their ability to identify and harvest plants while contributing to the long-term viability of community gardens.

Through collaborative efforts with community gardens, TribeX Gardens helps provide resources and educated volunteers to ensure the continued success of these vital projects. By empowering both students and community members, the Garden Stewards program aims to cultivate practical skills and promote the sustainable growth of plant communities.

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