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WHAT WE DO: What We Do

 What We Do  

TribeX Garden is a holistic space built on principles that emulate nature, aiming to sustain life for current and future generations. The grounds are divided into functional zones including herb greenhouses, flower gardens, an orchard, livestock area, workshop, camping grounds, and living quarters. We prioritize the use of natural materials and earth friendly systems for water, waste, and energy management.

Ritual in the Garden is an immersive experience that provides participants with hands-on learning opportunities, covering topics such as soil health, companion planting, water management, and regenerative agriculture techniques.

Oasis Summer camp offers youth the chance to explore nature, art, learn about agriculture and livestock while engaging in fun and educational activities that builds personal growth, confidence and fosters deeper understanding of themselves and the environment.


Transformative Learning Onsite we welcome schools and interest groups for on-site visits and tours, where visitors can explore our gardens, orchards, and greenhouses, participating and learning hands on practices for food production and environmental stewardship.    


Through the these, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to cultivate thriving ecosystems, promote food sovereignty, and build resilient communities based on sustainable and regenerative work.             

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