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      Garden Stewards     

Garden Stewards Initiative  is an initiative aimed at providing continuous support for school and neighborhood gardens. In partnership with Urban Harvest, TribeX Gardens leverages the expertise of permaculture and gardening students to ensure the stability and growth of vital community garden spaces. This initiative not only promotes food sovereignty  but also fosters agricultural learning essential for the long-term health of society and culture.

The Garden Steward initiative by TribeX Garden pairs permaculture students with school and neighborhood gardens, tasking them with projects that enhance the gardens' long-term viability. TribeX Gardens functions as the coordinator for this program, maintaining open lines of communication with the gardens, assessing their needs, and ensuring that resources are efficiently allocated.

Partnering with Urban Harvest, a leader in the local food movement since 1994, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this partnership. Their permaculture certification courses and classes equip students with the skills necessary to support and sustain community gardens. By working in tandem with Urban Harvest, TribeX Gardens ensures that students receive hands-on, practical experience that complements their academic learning, promoting food sovereignty and contributing to bio diversity in green spaces.

Urban Harvest provides the necessary permaculture education and training through their certification courses and classes and encourage students to participate in the Garden Steward initiative, enhancing their learning through practical, hands-on experience. Permaculture students from Urban Harvest are assigned to community garden sites once or twice a month per season. Additional hours will be given based on needs and availability. This structure ensures that the gardens receive consistent support throughout the year, while students gain valuable, real-world experience.

Initiative Benefits & Goals
Sustainable Growth: By providing ongoing support and resources, the initiative ensures the long-term sustainability of community gardens.


Food Sovereignty: Helping communities to grow their own food, reducing dependency on external food sources, and ensuring access to healthy, local produce. Empowers people gain the knowledge and resources needed to maintain their gardens..

Practical Experience: Students gain hands-on experience in permaculture and gardening, enhancing their education and preparing them for future endeavors.

Nature Knowledge: Instilling a deep understanding and appreciation of natural systems, crucial for fostering long-term environmental stewardship.

Environmental Impact: The program helps mitigate the environmental impacts of industry by promoting green spaces, bio diversity and regenerative gardening within the community.

Garden Steward Application
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