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Grow Knowing 

Ritual in the Garden is a seven-day immersive retreat designed for nature lovers, gardeners, and wisdom seekers alike. Our holistic space, built on principles that emulate nature, is dedicated to sustaining life for current and future generations. TribeX Gardens is thoughtfully divided into functional Agroforest zones, including herb greenhouses, flower gardens, an orchard, livestock area, workshops, camping grounds, and living quarters. We prioritize the use of natural materials and eco-friendly systems for water, waste, and energy management, ensuring a harmonious relationship with the environment.



Held three times annually, Ritual in the Garden offers an opportunity to deepen your connection with the land and explore permaculture and organic gardening in practice. We will delve into topics and activities such as composting, water management, and regenerative agriculture techniques. Engage in hands-on plant workshops and relaxing meditation sessions that led to practical skills and insights on how to create integrated ecosystems.

A Sacred Space for Connection and Growth

Ritual in the Garden is a sacred space that allows us time to reconnect, learn earth knowledge that can transform our environment and lives. In our garden sanctuary, you will be enveloped in the healing sights, sounds, and scents of nature. Join us as we honor the wisdom of the land and cultivate a beautiful future for all.

Schedule and Activities

Each day of the retreat is structured to balance learning, hands-on practice, and relaxation:

Day 1: Arrival & Orientation : Tour & Exploration

Day 2: Workshop | Permaculture: Principles Put In Practice, Evening | Moonlight Dance & Drum session

Day 3: Workshop | Permaculture in Design: Relationships, Sectors & Resources, Evening: Free

Day 4: Workshop | Regenerative Gardening: Water, Weeds, & Composting, Evening: Crafts and Tincture

Day 5: Building with Natural Materials & Renewable Energy, Evening: Free

Day 6: Workshop | Animals, Insects and Other Friends, Evening: Special Celebration

Day 7: Workshop | Conclusion & Project Presentations

Daily Schedule:

6 AM : Optional Intention Meditation or  Sound Yoga in the Garden

9 AM : Breakfast

11 AM : Morning Workshop


2 PM : Afternoon Workshop

6:00 PM: Dinner

Evening Activities & Special Sessions


Accommodations and Meals: All participants will have access to our beautiful camping grounds for lodging. Fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables will be provided as meal supplements.

Cost and Registration

The cost for the seven-day Ritual in the Garden retreat is on a sliding scale, which includes camping accommodations, all meals, and access to all workshops and activities. Submit the per-registration form below for details.

Ritual in the Garden | September 20-27, 2025


Thanks for registering.

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